Meet Dr. Lief Sosa - Functional Medicine Specialist in Canada

Lief Sosa

Lief Destrade Sosa has a mission in this world: that is to help people . He was born in Havana, Cuba. There he studied medicine and finished his doctorate in 1998.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Sosa immigrated to Canada, starting his life from scratch without family and friends. He studied at the University of Montreal for two more years to obtain his Canadian medical degree and he completed a residency in Family Medicine at McGill University, a couple of years later, in 2008.

At the beginning of his practice, he treated admitted clients as a hospitalist; then decided to work in Emergency Medicine. For seven long years, his work consisted of long erratic hours, erratic sleep, poor food choices and plenty of work-related travel throughout Ontario.

Dr. Sosa’s own personal health issues began as a teenager. He had a chronic inflammatory skin condition, psoriasis, that progressively got worse. He was told in medical school was that psoriasis can not be completely cured. It would always keep coming back due to stress and other “unknown factors”.

He started developing food sensitivities, worsening psoriasis and weight gain. He was often tired and had foggy brain which created difficulties with organization, motivation, and time management. He was not ready to just accept degeneration and chronic disease as part of “normal life”.

Dr. Sosa went exploring online, on a quest to find his truth; that is how he discovered Functional Medicine. This is a whole systems biology approach that allowed him to understand how lifestyle influences the development of chronic diseases. He implemented those changes into his nutrition, he followed a gut-healing program, and gradually he recovered his health and vitality. He was not “chronically inflamed” for the first time ever!

No more itchiness, no more skin rashes, great sleep, and a calm and focused brain.

Dr. Sosa developed a serious interest in Cannabis Medicine, and he completed a one-year training for medicinal use for chronic pain, mood, and sleep disorders. He helped children with brain imbalances, with successful results.

While feeling much better and after finishing his Functional Medicine training, he trained with Genoma International for specific genomic guidance and biochemistry. He also learned the Opus 23 precision medicine platform. This helps explain why you may develop problems when exposed to certain factors according to your genetic makeup. This allows for more precise interventions in chronic disease prevention with lifestyle, nutrition, and specific exercise modalities according to our genes.

Dr. Sosa made the decision to stop his practice in western-based Medicine in 2020. During his journey, he also discovered spirituality as a major healing tool. He now studies with Quantum University coaching program to bring another dimension in his ability to help his clients. He focuses his practice in creating positive health, with lifestyle, nutrition, and awareness, as opposed to a disease-based approach.

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