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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Lief Sosa for the many great things he has helped me achieve in terms of following a healthy lifestyle, diet, nutrition, supplements, eating habits, foods and food allergies and about letting go of fear. He has been a wealth of knowledge.

Through his coaching and genomics testing, I have learned so much and became aware of how foods affect our gut, body, mind and soul. He works with you to get to the route cause. His knowledge on vitamins and supplements has really made me understand how vital they are for our well-being.

Magnesium and Vitamin D are essential for the human body. These two are the core of proper body function and immunity. Dr.Sosa works with you to see what vitamins and supplements work best for you and your body.

– Francesca Bambabra’s


I am learning many new things about the ways to take care of my health, which makes my life easier. I am gaining more confidence in my everyday life and it is very encouraging for me as I am 75 years old… The good thing is that since we started working together, I stopped thinking about my age. I am above all happy that in the long term I am able to take better care of myself.

– Anelia Vladimora


Out of the hundreds of practitioners at a functional medicine conference in Virginia, I chanced to meet Lief Destrade Sosa. We shared not only a passion for finding real solutions for health problems, but fate put us within walking distance of each other, making it easy to build our relationship. Dr. Sosa can hardly contain his enthusiasm. You are lucky to meet, collaborate, and learn with him. Our medical system needs to restore that precious relationship of doctor (in the original sense of the word as “teacher”) and patient. Participating in coaching is this opportunity. A few years ago, I broke my wrist in a fall. Collaboration with Dr. Sosa helped enormously with rapid healing and saved me from surgical options. Your success is his success.

– Carol Petersen

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